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Love is in the Air: Homecoming Game Tonight

Varsity vs Middleton HS on 11/7/2008
Posted Friday, November 07, 2008 by G Bender

Parade, Court, Fancy dresses, proud parents - tonight is Homecoming. I am just relieved we are not playing  Hillsborough or Plant - if you are a serious football fan, Homecoming is not the game for you. It's a night of distractions, the focus is in the stands - it's youth at its best - networking, talking to people face to face while texting. It is was it is --high school.
Homecoming is a part of football season - and it is awesome that it comes at the end of our season - a sort of double celebration with an incredible season of 9-0. Not since 2003 has Armwood been able to end the season with no losses. Remember that year? Our 1st State Championship! I've been apart of this community since 1985 and it was the best game and feeling ever! What a sense of accomplish for a team and a small community  without the resources of Bloomington, Sickles or Plant.

Tonight's match-up will be about which team WANTS this game. Stats favor Armwood - but we know it is a mental game as well. What's in it for Middleton to win? The win for them doesn't give them the championship, but it might give them 'braggin ' rights'. That can be a motivator for teams. But I believe Armwood WANTS this game - it seals their District Title, secures a stronger status going into the  play-offs and it's Homecoming - no team wants to lose Homecoming!

Predication: 55-0         GO HAWKS!

Team Stats
Total yards First downs Rushing yards Yds/Att Passing yards Yds/Catch
2956 114 1949 6.74 1007 14.18

Team Stats
Total yards First downs Rushing yards Yds/Att Passing yards Yds/Catch
1710 83 1186 5.54 524 11.64

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