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Hawks Crowd Winners at Plant Game

Posted Friday, December 05, 2008 by G Bender

It was not exciting thinking of another game at Dad's Stadium - loud band, tin roof, huge crowd with thunder sticks....In our earlier game, QB Jackson said the noise was a factor - so how cana bout 500 Hawk fans make a difference?

Today the GREAT fans showed up. Where were some of you during the season? Fans had noise makers, cow bells and cheered and cheered under our leader ADRIAN. Where would we have been without ADRIAN. He is so excited and gets us going. Thanks, Adrian!

Unfortunately, the team just didn't seem like they were driven, focused or disciplined. Discipline has been  Hawks' challenge all year both on and off the field. Tonight, I think the team learned the role discipline plays.

It's hard to end the year for the team, coaches, families and fans with a near perfect season. This game will always be with you - learn from it.

Your Seffner Community wishes you all well and thank you for a great season. Get some rest.

Thanks to our coaches, players' families, Mrs. R Team Mom and all the Hawk alumni that still support their school. Coach Cal and staff have developed an incredible program that develops boys into men. It's not only about going on to college to play or pros - you will always be successful...if you remember how you got this far, the same principals apply to life. It's alot of hard work, team focus and discipline.

I hate to see high school football end. :(


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